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Lab culture, mentorship and supervision

I generally aim for each PhD student and postdoc in the lab to have their own project that fits within the lab’s broad research interest, with the goal of avoiding a sense of competition. That said, I always encourage (and will sometimes suggest) connections between projects if I think collaborating is to everyone’s benefit. Students (MSc, BSc, RA) will be linked to one of the main ongoing projects. I aspire to have each person in the lab working on the most exciting thing they can think of, subject to constraints of feasibility and uniqueness (from Josh McDermott).

I expect you to:

Expectations for PhD students and postdocs

I aspire and promise to:

Mentoring up - resources


Please join the weekly CogPsy meeting and weekly lab meeting (ask Anne for access to lab calendar), and feel free to suggest topics/papers.

For Bachelor/Master student projects, I normally start with meetings on demand: when you either get stuck or have something to show me (one of these should happen every few weeks), book a meeting through Calendly and send me a short description beforehand. For longer projects (PhD/postdoc), we’ll start with regular meetings (e.g. once a week, once every two weeks). Talk to me and find out what works for you.

Before our weekly supervision meetings, fill out this template to help us structure our discussion. Afterwards, email the action points we agreed on. Most meetings shouldn’t be longer than 45 minutes to an hour; but of course if we need more time/relaxed atmosphere, let me know.

Mentoring agreement

With each lab member who’s here for more than a few months, we’ll draft a mentoring agreement that is evaluated at least every year.