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Weekly / regular meetings

Note: if you feel like skipping the meeting, that’s totally fine. If it’s for scientific reasons (just discovered a bug in my code, model is still running on the cluster) let me know. If it’s for personal reasons, you of course don’t have to tell me the specifics.

Template to fill out before meeting

For our regular supervision meetings, we’ll use the template below (feel free to adapt it to your needs, or give me feedback). It was adapted from Tomas Knapen’s lab wiki, who in turn got it from Martin Hebart.

Fill it in before our meeting, and send it to Anne by email (just in the body of the text) with title ‘Weekly summary [date]’. If you have a better idea for keeping track (a shared living document? Teams channel?), I’m happy to explore!

Current state of wellbeing

Motivation is pretty good / I’m demotivated because… / I have fun working on … / Still trying to get over the paper rejection… / I’m struggling with … / I’m bored / Insecure

Past work

Describe the progress of the past week (or period since we last met), including longer descriptions (text, figures, code). Ideally, code + figures live in a shared GitHub repo or other document where I can look at them before we meet.

Next steps

What I need (from supervision) right now

Feel free to already send me some keywords or action points ahead of time, so I can prepare better for our meeting.

Template to fill out during meeting


How are you doing? What’s going on?


  1. Check if/which previous goals and deadlines were met, and which remain open (why?)
    • Go over GitHub project and Project log
  2. Are things generally going to everyone’s satisfaction? [discuss explicitly every few months]

Action points

Can be with or without estimated (self-imposed) deadlines or ETA. Separate by priority. Clarify: idea or request?

Ideally, we’ll both take notes during our meeting. Please send them to me (as a reply to your original email) afterwards, so we’re on the same page - and to fight any forgetfulness on my part!

Evaluation meetings

Once or twice a year, we’ll zoom out together to see what’s been done, what lies ahead, what works well and what doesn’t.

For instance:

Feedback for me:

During these meetings, we will update and revise our mentoring agreement.