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Getting started at the cognitive psychology unit

Ask secretary Eva Potters to be added to the FSW - Cogpsy mailing list.

To add the associated calendar: in Outlook (doesn’t work on the web version, unfortunately), click ‘add shared calendar’ and search for FSW - Cogpsy. Avoid the ‘FSW - Cognitive psychology lab 2020’, it’s not in use. If you only see events as ‘busy’ or ‘free’ (without content), you can request access via this link after logging in with your UCLN account. Update: I haven’t gotten this to work so far, let me know if you manage.

The MS Teams group has a good wiki with a lot of department-related information. Make sure to check it out!

Getting started in the lab

Ask Anne to add you to

  1. lab Teams channel
  2. lab calendar (Google calendar)

Templates and documents


Booking a room at Leiden Uni.


I normally go to the Dutch NVP (more cognitive) or DNM (more neuro) meetings in person, and to the virtual NeuroMatch conferences. Depending on your career stage and interests, you can consider attending FENS, SfN, ECVP, ASSC, CCN.

I strongly encourage students and postdocs to attend at least one summer school. Neuromatch Academy is fantastic, as is the in-person Rauischolzhausen vision science one.

Feel free to explore meetings and conferences, and discuss where you’d like to go!


Once you get a university laptop (talk to Anne before ordering it, to make sure we get you something useful) request it to switch to ‘semi-managed’. Without doing this, you won’t be able to install much software. Ask Anne how to best do this.

Funding - PhD

These are some funding opportunities to check out:

Funding - Postdoc

See this older list and the programmes below:

Funding - travel grants