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How to write scientific papers

See this useful writing guide by Matteo Carandini.

Practice version control; I like Google Docs to avoid conflicts and unclarity about versioning, and it works well with Zotero. Make sure to name important versions of the manuscript like ‘preprint_v1’. However, if you prefer another system, I’m happy to be convinced.

Before submitting a preprint/paper with me

I’m a sucker for nice-looking figures (and fonts).

Learn how to make your figures look good straight out of Python/Matlab/Julia/R, and minimize the time spent changing things in Illustrator/InkScape. This will not only save a lot of time in the long run, it also makes your analyses more reproducible.

Here are slides of a figure workshop we did in lab meeting on 26 February 2024. Watch back the recording when you’re starting to make your own figures!

Ideally, follow this IBL styleguide for consistent and good-looking figures.

Some other resources:


It is unfortunate that we don’t talk about authorship (early) enough. While I have some opinions, we should discuss authorship for each project.